Triathlon #2 – Point Walter – March 2013

The River.

Everyone in Perth knows the river is not as nice as the beach to swim in. But what they don’t realise is: there are no waves! So it’s as easy as swiming in a swimming pool (well except for the slimy seaweed and potential swarms of … mostly harmless … jellyfish).

The Point Walter triathlon is one of the alternate series of events (run by Sports Performance rather than TriEvents WA), and is run at a fantastic spot on the river, albeit extremely early in the morning. This one happened to be on my Birthday this year – what better way to start your 29th year?

In general I was fairly happy with my second ever triathlon. I felt like a had a fair bit more strength in my legs, despitw the course being a fair bit longer than the short Cottesloe triathlon last month.

Swim Leg (400m): 8:49

The swim was pretty easy – the river was flat and there were no jelly fish in sight.

Bike Leg (20km): 46:13 (26 km/h)

The bike course was quite up and down, with a few hills and turns. The road was slightly wet so cornering needed to be done with cautions.

Run Leg (5km): 28:14 (5:39 min/km)

I felt better during the second half of the run – running on the boardwalk and path near the trees and the rivers was a nice course.

Total: 1:23:16

Age Group (20-29): 15th of 17.  (AG winner’s time: 1:05:15)

Overall it was a very enjoyable event.