City of Joondalup Triathlon – Hillarys Sprint (April 2013)


It’s a place of great enjoyment here in WA – great beach, a boat harbour and marina with shopping and dining places. A fantastic place for a triathlon. Transition is in a park just north of the marina – just across the sand from the swim exit – it’s only about a 30m run from the water to transition.

This was the final race of the 2012-2013 Telstra Triathlon Series, and my first full Sprint Distance triathlon.

Swim (750m): 17:57

By far the longest swim I’d done in a triathlon so far, and I’d only really done about 600m as a longest open water swim in training. The swim was pretty good, except the final turn where it puts you right facing the sun for the whole 100m to back to shore.

Bike (21km): 48:57 (25.7 km/h)

Three laps of 7km means the bike course is slightly long, and it has undulating hills, being near the coast and sand dunes.

Run (5km): 29:10 (5:51 min/km)

Struggled with the run – had to really slow down from being tired from the longer swim and hilly bike.

Overall: 1:36:10

Age Group (25-29): 72th out of 76 (AG Winner’s time: 1:01:56)


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