Running. Well I was never any good at running in school carnivals, best result was 2nd place in Division B, in other words 11th out of 30 boys.

Around 16 my grandfather suggested I do some regular running as a good way to stay fit. So after three years of once or twice a week running I got down to about 7:30 for the 2km circuit around our street.

Getting a real job and other commitments meant than running fell by the wayside till about three years ago. I started again – smart phone apps like RunKeeper and Endomondo provided additional incentive. For 2 years I did running around 4 or 5km most of the time. Rarely getting better than 5:30 pace. During this time I also played my first 2 seasons if soccer. Which was probably why my aerobic running capacity never really improved. Well that, and the lack of any structure plans.

Fast forward to late 2012 and we move home to Mindarie, a beachside suburb in Perth’s northern suburbs. Five or six weekend swims at Quinns beach in the afternoon while my young son was having his nap gave me confidence to start some triathlons. I also did a few 5km ParkRuns at 5min pace, as well as regular 5km loops around my home. More about the triathlons later, but for now we’ll speak of the runs legs.

The run legs for the three triathlons I completed in the 2012/13 season (1 each in Feb, Mar, Apr) were 5:44, 5:39, and 5:51 pace (distance 3km, 5km, 5km) respectively. The middle one  I was in the best shape – the final one I managed one training session in 2 weeks beforehand because of the cold.

Looking at the results I didn’t really lose or gain many places through the run leg. Given that I thought my runs were fairly weak, it shows my age group was not particularly great at running.

Now it’s winter, I’ve thought it’s a great time to knuckle down on some run training especially as there are some good fun runs in Perth to compete in.

I’m doing to 10km race plan from Adidas MiCoach, running 4 times per week – 3 of them are lunch runs with some work colleague which is great!

I’m hoping to boost my running capacity and speed a lot over the off season to see if I can bring home the run leg a lot more competitively.

In later posts I’ll talk about my run plan, but for now, my run goals are 4km 22min, 12km 60min.


Hi. My name is Grumpy Triathlete

Hi. I thought I’d start a blog to document the process of starting out being an age grouper triathlete in Perth WA. After 2 seasons of soccer, and 30 rapidly approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to try some endurance sport.

Having hardly played soccer at all growing up, trying to join a team as a 27 year old turned out to be quite challenging but also stressful. Having 20 odd fewer years of soccer drills and skills than your team mates is difficult catch up on.

Seeing my brother do some triathlons, it looked like a great sport as you don’t have any team mates you would be letting down with a poor performance – it’s just you vs the course.

So I did 3 in the 2012/13 season and have decide to blog the build up to next season.