Winter Progress

Winter. One of the great things about being in Perth is the fantastic weather. The downside is that the (brief) winter seems terrible.

Through this winter I’ve embarked on a 3 month running training programme from Adidas MiCoach- it’s called Finish Faster 10km. I’m using to see how much I can improve my 12km ‘Run for a Reason’ in May, to the City2Surf in August.

9 days to go, and I feel I’ve significantly improved, by following the programme. I did a 5km ParkRun 4 weeks ago and lowereed my PB from 25:06 to 23:20 which was really pleasing to see.

Other than that, I’ve placed an order for a Merida Scultura 905-E Brand snobs will look down on me, but the value is great, and di2 was amazing on the test ride. I’m hoping to fit bar end shifters on my aero bars, so i can have 2 bikes in one!

I’ve signed up for the 5 races in the Tesltra Triathlon series, and there are only 5 games left in my final outdoor soccer season, once that’s done, training for triathlons will get a whole lot more serious.

I’ve joined the Team XTR triathlon club as part of the Triathlon WA membership, so I’m hoping to get a long to some training sessions once soccer is finished.


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