Power Station Triathlon – November 2013

Power Station.

It’s an iconic historic, albeit rundown, building on the beach on North Coogee (south of Fremantle) in WA. Driving down you could still see the remnants of the previous evening’s storm – lots of water, grey clouds, plenty of wind were noticeable. Arriving at CY O’Connor beach, you could tell from the breeze that the water would be choppy, even without seeing it.

When we were setting up our bikes in transition, the word spread quickly that the swim had been cancelled at the advice of the surf life savers. Soon enough there was the official announcement, so we all went back and put our shoes on, packed away our goggles, and gathered in the car park for the run along the beach side footpath. I was happy, as my swim is weaker than running.

Run Leg 1 (2km): 9:37 (Actual: 2.17km, 4:26min/km)

The initial run felt pretty good. I was drawn in with the crowd, so the first km was 4:15, the second was 4:31, and the final 200m was 4:48 pace. My hear rate was 190 when we got to the bikes at T1, indicating I possibly pushed a little hard.

Bike: 25km – 51:16 (Actual: 24.46km, 28.1km/h)

The bike leg is a little long for a sprint, but the course was nice and flat, and the direct into the headwind section was relatively short, the majority of the course was at 90 degrees to the wind. Those with deep wheels would have had a torrid time.

The total ascent was 21 metres, less than 1 meter per kilometre – so this is certainly a course that could be described as flat

Run Leg (6km): 31:13 (Actual: 6.3km, 5:17min/km)

The second run leg wasn’t too bad, though after a first split of 5:05 my pace rapid fell to 5:35 for the next 3km, and out to 5:43 for the second last km. The final whole km was back down to 5:05, and 4:16 pace for the final 300m to the line.

It was a 3 lap course, so the final lap seemed to take for ever, especially as the turn around was so close to the finish line.

I was happy with the run, as it was a solid increase in speed over the last race, and this race was a km further, and 5km further on the bike. Countering that, clearly the first run was easier than a swim.



25th out of 27 (in 20-29yr Age Group. Age group winner: 1:16:02)

I was happier with the run, but still a bit disappointed to be so far down the pack in my age group. Nevertheless, having only been doing triathlons for 9 month (and 6 of those months being the off season) I couldn’t really expect to be further up the field.



Left Bank Triathlon 17 Nov 2013

New Season.

2013-11-17 Left Bank

The first triathlon of my first full season (and therefore 4th ever triathlon, after completing 3 races last season) was the Left Bank Triathlon. This was the first event of the second-most popular race series here in WA the Total Triathlon Series (new sponsor this year). These events are run with a bit less for a formal style than the Telstra Tri Series, but certainly just as fun.

This was also the first race I’d have my new Garmin 910XT – so I could actually get some data to analyse after the races, and get real time information during the run and swim, previously I just had a non-GPS bike computer.

Swim Leg (400m): 11:01 

Fortunately for me some of the events in this series have shorter swims, with regular length bike and run, and the Left Bank was one of these. With a 400m swim in the Swan River (near Fremantle) the opening leg shouldn’t be too challenging.

I was within the last 5 out of the water in my wave. Swim actually felt fairly good, and after starting towards the back, I didn’t lose contact with the others at my speed, and wasn’t overtaken by the final wave (one of the hazards of being a late wave is that you could be last out of the water!).

Bike: 19km – 40:22 (28.8km/h)

I was feeling OK heading onto the bike (probably because of the short swim). This was the first race on my new bike the Merida Scultura 905-e. The bike felt great – more responsive and stiff, I could feel it was more efficient, converting my extremely modest power output into forward motion.

The bike course is a bit challenging, immediately heading out of transition there’s a climb after 50m. By the third time this was very tough. Other than that it was fairly steady, and I overtook a few others (though not in my age group) on the downhill, pushing it a little faster than they were willing to go.

Run Leg (4km): 25:47 (Actual: 4.9km, 26:33, 5:28min/km)

(The run course followed the bike course up the first half of the climb, and then took a left turn onto a more gradual incline. 2 laps of the 2km course seemed to take a lot longer than I expected. The uphills were very tought, but the downhills felt OK.



36th out of 38 (in 20-29yr Age Group)

Overall, I was happy with the event, but felt I should have been better on the run.