Left Bank Triathlon 17 Nov 2013

New Season.

2013-11-17 Left Bank

The first triathlon of my first full season (and therefore 4th ever triathlon, after completing 3 races last season) was the Left Bank Triathlon. This was the first event of the second-most popular race series here in WA the Total Triathlon Series (new sponsor this year). These events are run with a bit less for a formal style than the Telstra Tri Series, but certainly just as fun.

This was also the first race I’d have my new Garmin 910XT – so I could actually get some data to analyse after the races, and get real time information during the run and swim, previously I just had a non-GPS bike computer.

Swim Leg (400m): 11:01 

Fortunately for me some of the events in this series have shorter swims, with regular length bike and run, and the Left Bank was one of these. With a 400m swim in the Swan River (near Fremantle) the opening leg shouldn’t be too challenging.

I was within the last 5 out of the water in my wave. Swim actually felt fairly good, and after starting towards the back, I didn’t lose contact with the others at my speed, and wasn’t overtaken by the final wave (one of the hazards of being a late wave is that you could be last out of the water!).

Bike: 19km – 40:22 (28.8km/h)

I was feeling OK heading onto the bike (probably because of the short swim). This was the first race on my new bike the Merida Scultura 905-e. The bike felt great – more responsive and stiff, I could feel it was more efficient, converting my extremely modest power output into forward motion.

The bike course is a bit challenging, immediately heading out of transition there’s a climb after 50m. By the third time this was very tough. Other than that it was fairly steady, and I overtook a few others (though not in my age group) on the downhill, pushing it a little faster than they were willing to go.

Run Leg (4km): 25:47 (Actual: 4.9km, 26:33, 5:28min/km)

(The run course followed the bike course up the first half of the climb, and then took a left turn onto a more gradual incline. 2 laps of the 2km course seemed to take a lot longer than I expected. The uphills were very tought, but the downhills felt OK.



36th out of 38 (in 20-29yr Age Group)

Overall, I was happy with the event, but felt I should have been better on the run.


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