Telstra Triathlon Series 2012/13 Race #4 – Rockingham Triathlon

After a bit of a drive down to Rockingham (a southern coastal suburb in Perth), it was pretty clear to see it was simply ideal swim conditions while I was pushing my bike over to transition to set up. The ocean was flat, without even a hint of waves, and the water was crystal clear for quite some way out – well past the marker buoys. This was going to be more like a salty pool swim rather than a typical ocean swim.

Third triathlon in 3 weekends so I was hoping I’d be in pretty decent shape for this one. I’d had a relatively solid week with a 10km run on Monday, a Wednesday bike, a hard lunch run followed by a bike interval and brick run in the Thursday evening, rest Friday and Sat.

The weather was nice, though the easterly indicated it was going to get a little warmer later on.

Swim (750m [Actual 800m]; Time: 18:34; Pace: 2:16/100m – Place 62/67)

The swim conditions stayed idea and we set off into the clear, still water. As usual, I quickly found my self in the slower 25% of the field, swimming along consistently, but not too speedily. The run to transition was OK, though we crossed over the run course and the early waves were already running so that was a little tricky. I managed to avoid a collision.

Bike (20km [Actual 18.6km]; Time: 38:41; Speed: 28.7km/h – Place 65/67)

The bike course was nice and flat, but had significant headwind sections, and a bit of rough surface in places. The headwind defeated me and I didn’t get close to my target 30km/h. The course was about 1.5km short of the official 20km, so people ended up with better split times than they were expecting.

Run (5km [4.9]; Time: 24:56; Pace: 5:03min/km)

It was my 5km debut for the bright green Saucony Mirage 2 – I’d used them in the 3km run for Cottesloe the week before, but this was the first race 5km I was using them for. They were very comfortable sockless for the 5km, but I think the sizing is slightly bigger than standard. They definitely feel nice firm for racing – giving you that extra pop in your step when you are running 5min/km or quicker.

Rockingham 2014

For the run I tried as hard as possible to run to target pace, and was more or less on track, but the fourth kilometre I lost the pace – splits were 4:47 (too fast), 4:59, 5:08, 5:32, but I pulled it back quite a lot for a 4:45 pace final km. The course was slightly short, so I ended up with a faster than 5min pace official result, but 5:03min pace on my watch. Happy with the run, but with better pacing I could have cracked 5min pace more clearly.

Overall 1:24:15 (Place 63/67)

It was a fun event, and came away feeling happy that I’d put everything on the line, nothing left in the tank after this one. Happy with my run pace and hoping to get under 5min/km at Hillarys #2 in April – the last triathlon for the season but over a month away. I was hoping to be further up my age category, but alas, I think everyone else was training at least as hard as I was!


Mandurah Olympic Distance – Shortened Swim Leg

The 3rd race of the Telstra Triathlon Series (my 5th race this season) was going to be a big challenge. However, due to the extremely strong currents, the water safety staff reduced the swim to about 250m instead of the standard 1500m.

More thoughts to come later, and race reports for the other races, but I did manage to do a sub-60min run for the 10km so I was pretty happy with that. 51st out of 54 in my category – at least I didn’t come last! Bike average 28.4km/h.