Run for a Reason (May 2014)

Run for a Reason. Take 2.

This year’s reason was to beat last year’s time. And also to see if the strength of racing a full season carried into autumn. This race is in an interesting place in the schedule as it it only 2 weeks after Busselton. Once again I was mostly in bike training for the past 2 months, but I did manage to do about 6 runs over 8km in that time.

I ended up with 1:01:10 – pretty close to my 1hr goal, and a 5min improvement over last year. My pacing was smoother than last year, and I could tell I pushed harder throughout because I didn’t have the same sprint at the horse race course as I did last year. Race day was relatively humid, and fairly cool, there was some sprinkling of rain, but nothing major.

It was a fun day, and happy with my improvement on last year. Looking forward to the City to Surf 12km in August.