City to Surf – Perth – 12km – Tomorrow

Well, it’s race day tomorrow, and training has been mixed. About 4 or 5 solid weeks followed by 3 less than stellar weeks. Average of 3.5 hrs training per week, dropped to under 2 per week.

I’m going into this race at my heaviest weight – I’ll need to focus on getting to race weight over the 3 month build phase to the first triathlon.

I had a sever calf cramp this morning, getting out of bed, and I can still feel the strain now, so I’m a bit concerned how it will go on the race.

So, let’s see what tomorrow brings.


August Update

Not a whole lot to report except that I’m focusing on the City to Surf coming up later this month. 12km run even here in Perth.

I’ve been slowly catching up on race reports, but I’ve been publishing them under the date of the race, so they won’t actually show up here at the top of the blog, so have a quick dig through the posts to find them. I’ve done the 3 from the end of the 2012-2013 season (Feb, Mar, April 2013 are the 3 races).

Other than that I’ve started on the 40km TT plan over at Trainer Road, so we’ll see how that goes.