Busselton 70.3 – Bike Leg – Team Event (3 May 2014)

Half. Again.

It’s only ‘half’ – half of an Ironman distance. Not only that, but it’s also only one of the three legs, but it’s still a good test of fitness.

90km on the bike, as hard as you can go. Quite long for a time trial, and quite long compared to every other event on my calendar this season.

Di2 TT Shifters

I finally implemented my master plan of having shifters on the bar extensions – the reason I got Di2 in the first place. The TT snifters are fantastic – you don’t have to move off the aero bars to change gears!


The conditions this year seemed a lot calmer than last year – it certainly looked less intimidating for the swimmers. Out on the bike it seems quite still, but then as soon as you got away from the main town area it was quite breezy just like last year, once again a headwind on the inward loop.


I beat my time from last year 3:04 vs 3:12 – my goal was sub 3hr, but I probably didn’t do enough long rides (60km+) to be able to sustain the effort level.

The trainer work I’d done had worked for shorter distances, which was my primary goal for the season. Interestingly I saved 8min off my sprint triathlon time, so I had 8min improvement on 20km just the same as the 8min improvement on 90km, which tells me to improve on the 90km ride, I need much more specific training.

It was a great day again, and good to be part of a team. Our swimmer had an impressive swim, and our runner just about got the 2hr mark. Good work all!


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