Telstra Tri Series 2014/15 – Race #1: Hillarys

The Telstra Triathlon series for 2014/15 got under way at Hillarys as usual. Once of the best venues in the state for triathlon, it was picture perfect conditions again as we were preparing our bikes in transition.

Training had been going relatively well, I was hoping to crack 30km/h and 5min/km this race. I’d been continuing my 40km TT plan on TrainerRoad, though my run training hadn’t been as strong as it could have been.

IMG_0203_2 IMG_0204_2

Swim (750m [Actual 647m]; Time: 13:53; Pace: 2:03/100m – Place 68/87)

This was my second race with the wetsuit, and the first time I’d used it at Hillarys having raced three times here previously without it. The swim course isn’t the absolute fastest as it gets a little wavy so I was hoping to gain some speed with the wetsuit – and I did. Surprisingly I had my best category place of the three legs this race in the swim. Which either proves the wet suit is seriously beneficial, or the general standard of swimming in the field is not particularly high.

Bike (20km; Time: 41:53; Speed: 29.4km/h – Place 75/87)

Being in the middle of a 40km TT training plan I was expecting an improvement on the bike and I had 30km/h average as my goal. However, the hills and headwind prevented that. I felt I paced the bike leg well – each lap within 20 seconds of each other, but still lacked the power to get over the hills as strongly as I should have.

Run (5km; Time: 26:47; Pace: 5:17min/km – Place 71/87)

Having managed a faster than 5min pace at the Left Bank (4:57min/km) I was hoping for the same here at Hillarys, but the fatigue of a longer swim the lack of sleep from last night was getting to me. I set off at 4:58min, but quickly dropped to 5:20 for the next 4kms, and not much of a finishing sprint either. Definitely feeling tired by the end of this one.

Overall 1:26:47 (Place 75/87)

Overall I was pleased to set a course best time for Hillarys – being the 4th time I’ve raced it, but not quite as impressive given the shortened swim course compared to previous years. Clearly I need to focus on running stronger – more bike work and more brick sessions, to get my runs close to by 5km race pace (4:40 pace).