Cottesloe Success!

My family and friends have a tradition of doing the “Tri-It” distance as Cottesloe, and we’ve had a few medals so far, because the more serious competitors are all doing the full Sprint Distance. This year, once again there was a pro in the 20-29, but now that I’ve moved into the 30-39 category, I was wondering how strong the field would be. Well here’s the answer: Cottesloe

Race report will come, but in summary: I came out of the water in 5th in my age group, passed 3 or 4 people in transition (not sure which age group) with the flying leap bike mount while they were trying to clip in. Then I passed two groups on the bike, and then a few more individuals, and I was only overtaken by people doing the Sprint Distance. One the run, I wasn’t passed by anyone doing the Tri It distance, and passed a handful of people who were. I was passed with 50m to go, but did a sprint finish to pass him, though I think he was doing the full Sprint Distance anyway. Unfortunately the Tri-It cometitors didn’t get run splits, due to the placement of the bike racks away from transition, I would like to have known if I had the fastest run split of, or if I passed all 5 on the bike.


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