2015 Busselton 70.3 Half Ironman

I complete the half ironman in 6:25:34 – so I met my ‘B’ goal of sub-6:30, but was quite a way off my ‘A’ goal of sub-6.

The swim took 50mins, which was 5 mins slower than expected, and the bike was 3:11:56 – so 12 mins slower than I wanted.

The run was 2:16 which would have be pretty much OK, if the other two legs had been to their correct time, but since they weren’t I would have had to have done a sub-2 half marathon, which simply was not going to happen.

On the whole it was a great experience, I think I paced the day’s effort well, as each leg I increased my age group placing, and I didn’t find myself having to walk on the run. I still managed a sprint finish,¬†after a 5:38 final KM.

Nutrition strategy worked well, and felt pretty good all day. Of course, I would have liked a faster time, but I knew if I pushed any harder everything would have gone pear-shaped. So I left it for the final half lap on the run to build towards the finish line.