Tiger Mountain Half

Having not really organised many races for the summer, I decided I’d better hurry up and race, so I signed up for the Tiger Mountain half marathon. As I live very close to Cougar Mountain, and have run there a lot, I wanted to check out another trial.

The race advertised the fact that it had 1200m of climbing (which was 50% more than the Cougar Mountain Half) so I was expecting it to be tough, and a finish time close to 4hrs (rather than the 3 hrs I’d take for Cougar).

I was wrong, it wasn’t tough, it was extreme! 60% of the climbing came in kms 2-5, including some 30-40% hands-on-knees vertical climbs. It was completely nuts! I did a 27min km, as part of a 1hr first 5km.

After that it was more up and down, but my legs were completely battered from the initial climbs that I couldn’t really push the downhills, though I still managed to pass a few people.

A crazy race, probably one I wouldn’t do again, but glad I did it. Managed to sneak under for a 3hr 29min finish time.


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